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About the Institute


BM Institute of Indian Music was founded by Bh.Murali in the year 2001, with a view to provide complete guidance and support to music learners. Earlier BMIIM was providing direct and online music classes, but now it is confined to online classes only.


About the founder Bh.Murali


Bh.Murali is a versatile musician with a wide knowledge in carnatic music, light music, and western chord theory. He is a disciple of Shr.Anayampatti S.Ganesan (for vocal and violin) and Sri.U.Srinivas (for mandolin). In addition to carnatic vocal, Bh.Murali can handle many instruments like harmonium, keyboard, violin, mandolin, guitar etc.,


He has an experience of more than 15 years in teaching the nuances of carnatic music and imparting strong musical base to the students. He is also experienced in handling online classes and is good at communicating to young children. Bh.Murali's notation writing skilsl help the students understand the basics of music with clarity and build up a strong foundation in music.


Bh.Murali also makes use of innovative teaching methods to make students understand the techniques in music. He gives top priority to teach the timing (rhythm) in music before teaching the musical notes., and his first class always begins with rhythm. He also believes that a carnatic music student should practice music in a carnatic environment, like using sruthi box, mridhangam rhythm, etc., even in the basic level. Bh.Murali has provided mridhangam rhythm in various tempos in his website, and students can make use of these rhythm to practice music. Click here to use the mridhangam rhythms