BM Institute of Indian Music- Online Music Classes..

BMIIM conducts online classes for Indian  Music for keyboard, vocal, violin, mridhangam, tabla etc., This provides the opportunity to the Indian children living abroad to learn the Indian culture & traditions.




A PC with good configuration, webcam, speakers/headphones, printer, a Skype ID, broadband internet connection, and a sruthi box (for learning vocal) or the prefered musical instrument.


About our Online Classes  


........1. One-to-One classes (all live classes only, not pre-recorded).                              

........2. Simplified song notes to learn & play.              

........3. Innovative short-cut methods of approaching music.

........4. Song notes in printable format.

........5. Video support during classes.  

........6. Audio recordings for practice.

........7. Complete basics for freshers.        

........8. Age : between 7 to 60.                

........9. Customised lessons, according to the level/requirement of the students.

........10. Songs as per student's choice, after reaching the required level.


Advantages of our Online Classes  


1.  Students can learn from the basics to any level in music
2.  Lessons are written in Simple S R G M notation, and easy to read and learn.
3.  Start playing keyboard right from day one.. less theory and more practical
4.  Students will be playing with rhythm from day one, and hence  theywill acquire strong timing sense.
5. Lessons are prepared in a step-by-step way to suit all ages - a child to an elderly person.
6. Students need not buy any book for learning music, as all the stuff will be provided to them in pdf format., so that they can print out easily / or / open in laptop/tab/android mobile / ipad/ iphone
7. Unlike big music schools which keeps rotating the teachers for every class, all our classes will be handled by a single teacher so that the students will have personal touch and follow up.
8. Students will also be trained for special programs/concerts/recordings, if they want to participate in their City.
9. Support will be given for operating the student’s keyboard, whatever be its make/model.
10. Students will be provided with all information on the tools available for learning music, recording their own songs etc.
11. Students will also be provided with the required rhythms (mridangam/tabla beats) for learning carnatic music.

12. Voice recordings will be provided for songs wherever required,  to strengthen the

hearing knowledge/ and practice the songs perfectly.

13. Guidance will be given for purchase of keyboard.

14. Flexibility in class timing/day, makeup timings for missed classes, and classes can also be postponed with prior information in case of any emergency.

15. Students can also learn songs according to their choice in their level.


At present we have students from many parts of USA / Canada / UK / Germany / France / Africa / Australia / Jamaica / Saudi Arabia / Singapore / New Zealand / Ireland / Norway / and many other countries.       


Syllabus : Click here to download the syllabus                                                                                

Steps to join online classes ...


Courses Available :                               


..........Keyboard - carnatic / devotional / light music


..........Singing (vocal) - carnatic


Note :: The duration for all classes will be 45-50 minutes each.                       


Fee Structure :                               


For students residing abroad ::


Remittances through Bank

Paypal Remittances

US$ 100 / for 4 classes in a month


US$ 180 / for 8 classes in a month

US$ 110 / for 4 classes in a month


US$190 / for 8 classes in a month


F aaa                                

For converting to Indian Rupees (for those who want to transfer from their account in a Bank in India), please use this site ::


For Paypal remittances, please do write to us, so that we can send you invoice.



Terms & Conditions:


........1. Fees should be remitted in advance for every 4 classes / or / 8 classes., as per.your convenience.

........2. Class summary & reminder for fee remittance will be sent after completion of ............every cycle.

........3. If the teacher misses a class for some reason, it will be compensated. Normally ........... cancellation will be informed in advance, and rarely it happens without prior notice.

........4. Students can cancel a class by giving advance information. If students miss any ............class without information, it will not be compensated.

........5. Students should keep their internet connection intact, and if there is loss of time ........... because.of connectivity issues from their end, it will not be compensated. 

........6. Students should practice the lessons regularly (around 45 - 60 minutes per day) ............and show progess on a class-to-class basis.



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