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Online Classes


1. What are the steps to join the online classes ?

Submit enquiry form / or send an email giving your age and place of stay. Also provide your preferred day/time for the classes in IST...

--> you will receive our reply within 2 - 3 days...[in case you don't get reply, you can directly send contact request to our Skype ID (bh_murali2003)]

--> install skype and add our ID in your contacts list and send a message through skype --> we will send you the fees details and the mode of remitting it...

--> remit the fees and fix up your time slot and start attending the classes.


2. How many classes should I attend in a month ?

You can attend 4 classes in a month (1 in a week). After every class, you need practice of 5 - 6 hours to go to the next level.


3. What is the normal period of learning music ?

In around 2-3 years you can learn music to a reasonably good level. If you want to go to advanced levels, it will take 5 - 6 years or even more.


4. If I miss a class, will it be compensated ?

If you miss a class giving prior information through email/phone/whatsapp, it will be compensated.


5. What are the requirements for attending online classes ?

A good config PC/ Laptop with webcam, high speed internet connection, Skype ID, printer (preferred), Yamaha/Casio keyboard (61 keys).,


5(a). Any additional things required?

A sruthi box (preferred)., a noise cancellation headphone with mike, a good mp3 recorder, a rough notebook, and a pensil


6. Can I take a long break of around 1-2 months when required ?

Yes, with advance information to us. and you need not pay any holiday fee to retain your timing.


7. What is the age limit to join the online classes ?

Minimum is 6 and maximum is around 50/55.


8. Should I buy any book before attending classes ?

No need. We will provide all the materials.


9. Should I have any prior knowledge to attend the classes ?

No prior knowledge is required. We can begin from the basics.


10. If I have prior knowledge in music, can I continue from my current level ?

Yes, we will judge you prior knowledge in a few hours and we will begin from your current level. If required we will give a bridging course and continue with further lessons.


11. Is there any difference between your classes and other online classes for music ?

Yes, in most of the online classes, they provide stuff based on their curriculam, but do not follow up the student's progress. But we follow up the progress of each student in every class, and teach customised lessons according to the student's calibre and practice.


12. Do you give any concession if 2 or more persons in a family learn music from you ?

Yes, we give a total concession of 10% on the actual fees payable.